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Active Web Hosting Newsletter December 2006

H a p p y    H o l i d a y s
From all of us here at Active Web Hosting!

It seems like time flies when you're having fun! And this year has certainly been a fun year for us here. We have brought to you some new things this year, and have big plans for the coming year!

This month, you're no doubt thinking of holiday gift giving and not what to do with your own web site. Or maybe you're wondering if you need a new site just for those special holiday moments or to keep in touch with friends and family throughout the busy season. We have some great ideas for you in this newsletter!

In addition, we will also talk about some ways to transfer domains to Active Web Hosting so you can have all your hosting in one convenient place! Remember, all your domains are accessed from one account when you host with us. No need to log on separately to each domain to manage your CGI, MySQL, E-Mail accounts, etc. You just use the same log in and you can see all your domains in one convenient place. You'll also be billed for all your domains with one easy invoice, so you do not have to worry about whether you paid for that other domain or not. Do it all at once!

Not only do we provide easy billing for your holiday lifestyle, you can get a discount on your hosting in several ways, including paying ahead for several months to up to a whole year! This, by the way, is a great gift idea. Imagine the glowing look on your friend's face when they see they have a whole year of hosting in which to share family photos, keep up with friends and family! Not just the busy holiday season but all year! Why not? And remember to put your domain in the "Referred By" box so you can get a little gift for yourself for every month their domain is online. It's a sure win-win situation!

As another year winds down, we are excited about some of the new ideas we hope to bring you in the New Year. So keep reading the monthly newsletter as this is where we'll be announcing them!

We wish everyone a very safe, happy and fun holiday season!


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