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Active Web Hosting Newsletter May 2005

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Server Uptime Report
No More Paper Bills
Relaxed E-Mail Filtering
Free iPod Contest

What's New
New Payment Plans
Get Discounts
Referral Program
New Addresses
Fiber Line Upgrade
New FAQ/Support Site!

Filtering Spam
Control the mail in your inbox!

Question & Answer
All About Domain Names

Webmaster's Workshop
Designing A Web Site

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Current Newsletter

We are excited to announce quite a few new things here at Active Web Hosting! You probably already noticed our new newsletter format. We'll be bringing to you many new articles, updates and information in the future through our new online newsletter. Be sure to stop in here and check it out!

In our Announcements, we have some great news! We have upgraded to a 10 megabit data line this year which means better web site response. In addition, we have relaxed some of our filtering so that email can get through easier. If you're still concerned about spam, check out our Filtering Spam article. And don't forget to sign up for our FREE iPod Contest!

We also want to let everyone know that we no longer send paper bills and invoices via regular mail by default. If you still want paper bills and invoices you'll have to turn this option on in the Account Administration System's Account Settings. Find out how to do this on our What's New page, and also learn of other new and exciting things happening here at Active Web Hosting!

If you haven't checked out our new Frequently Asked Questions & Support area, please do! We have greatly expanded this area and include all kinds of information. In fact, we feature a subject from this great resource in our new Question & Answer and Webmaster's Workshop areas of our new newsletter.

We want to thank all of our customers for your feedback and suggestions. Please feeel free to e-mail us anytime at We're always glad to provide you with the best and most affordable web hosting on the internet!


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